My portfolio consists of more than 7 years of experience in creating a recognizable, clear and user friendly design for every day. Developed skills, the ability to work with tasks from different fields, as well as a desire to understand the client’s business and its marketing purposes before starting a project design – all of this help me in my work.

Meeting challenges of banks, insurance companies, online stores, federal ISPs, international brands, web services, outstanding personalities, I learned to love the details and do projects that speak for themselves.

Well-planned user interaction mechanics and beneficial design provide rising of conversion rate, therefore revenue increases, that makes customers happier and richer. This is my principle: Design for Smart Brands. Smart Brands — Happy People. ©.

During creative process I get inspiration from life experiences, stories of customers and simple joys of the world. As a result, a simple and expressive visual communication, which inspires and leads, is born. In spare time I like to do activities, that are broadening my horizon and enriching internal culture. I indulge myself with such pleasant things as a cup of coffee and a glass of wine, and have a soft spot to the culinary delights :-)

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